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Our panel has vast firsthand experience  in working with wild birds in their natural environment. You might find better salesmen,  but you will be hard  pressed to find a  more experienced panel of experts on gamebird management and utilization. We also have access to other leading experts  whose knowledge we can also use. For the monitoring of especially our grassland Partridge species,  we have available to us some of  the top pointing dogs in the country.

Dr. P.J. (Slang) Viljoen

 One of South Africa’s best-known field experts  in gamebirds having developed management techniques over the past 20 years. He is the author of AGREDS Gamebirds and co-author of Game Ranch Management and Wingshooting which represent the first comprehensive guidelines for Gamebird Management in South Africa. He has a D.Sc. in wildlife management (University of Pretoria) and is a Research Fellow of the Centre for Wildlife Management, University of Pretoria. Dr.Viljoen organised the 2nd South African Gamebird Symposium and is a founder member and first Chairman of the National Gamebird Federation. He has won several awards and has numerous scientific and popular publications related to gamebirds to his credit. Dr Viljoen held many positions as office-bearer or scientific advisor of gamebird-associated organisations. He is a senior field trial judge and trainer of several Field Trial Champion gundogs.



Fanus Greyling 

B.Sc. in Agriculture; B.Sc. Hons Wildlife Management, M.Sc Wildlife Management from the University of Pretoria. Since 1991 he has been  busy full time with the management and utilization of gamebirds, culminating in one of the most successful gamebird enterprises in South Africa.  His  activities have not only benefited the gamebirds but have  also provided  economic upliftment to the local communities   since the  onset of commercial wingshooting. A great priority of Fanus is that  the rewards derived from wingshooting filter through to everybody  involved in the gamebird cycle. No more poaching, poisoning or nest raiding. Due to the considerable amount of preparation, work and meticulous planning that goes  into a  gamebird shoot, approximately  three hundred working days are created for the rural community by a single day’s shooting.

Luke Bell

Grew up in Greywing Partridge country and have been actively involved in in Greywing utilization and research since 1986 when he made Greywing Partridges part of his farming enterprise. He did much of the groundwork for the Fitzpatrick institute’s  research on Greywing. In 1989 he turned professional and since then he managed, utilize and conserve Greywing devotedly. He is an expert on gundogs, having bred and trained several Field Trial Champions.  He is also a renowned  senior field trial judge and Chairman of the Border Field Trial Club. 

Tim Snow

Tim Snow has strong interpersonal skills. He has worked in management positions in the formal conservation and in the NGO sector; and has worked as a wildlife conflict management expert across the SADC and East African sub-region. He has links with conservation projects internationally. He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Development (Environmental Management) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. The dissertation was entitled “A Systems Thinking Analysis of Predator Conflict Management on Selected South African Farms”. The study was in response to extensive work in the field of conflict resolution between farmers and predators, and analyzed the efficiency and effectiveness of management systems applied by farmers to manage predator conflicts. The result qualified him academically as a Golden Key Achiever. Tim also has a National Higher Diploma: Nature Conservation - Veld and Game Management and a National Diploma in Nature Conservation and Management.

Tim has been training pointers since 1987 and has competed successfully with both German and English pointers in provincial Field Trials. He has also judged Trials and currently is at Senior Judge level. Since 1985 Tim has investigated to effect of agro-chemicals on game-birds and was instrumental in the banning of monocrotophos, and the voluntary withdrawal of Temik® from the market. The use of pointers for game-bird counts forms part of the services offered by Tim’s consultancy.


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