Other services

 Arrange and provide hunts

    We can offer hunts to both local and overseas hunters

Devise and apply hunting strategies

We can provide specific hunting strategies for  specific areas  and gamebird species.  


Management and running of hunts

 We can run the hunts and act as the hunt master.

Provide  gundogs and gundog handlers.

 We have access to  some of the top gundogs and handlers in the country which will ensure  that you have a successful hunt   and minimize the loss of  wounded and lost gamebirds.

Provide  Food Hoppers

Tried and tested food hoppers which are target specific to help your gamebird population during lean periods before the onset of the rainy seasons.

Provide  waterfowl decoys

Tried and tested Spurwing- and Egyptian Goose decoys which have been successfully  used  for more than ten years

Provide  kenneling for gundogs.

Special catering for gundogs. Large camps with comfortable  accommodation. Daily exercise runs in a two hectare camp. Training  and reinforcing of basic obedience commands can also be arranged. Book  before the holiday seasons.


Gamebird translocation.

 Depending on the availability and procurement of local permits, we can catch and provide  wild gamebirds  for their re-establishment  in areas where for various reasons they  no longer occur . 



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